Popular business solutions like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (previously G Suite), are often referred to as Software-as-a-Service or SaaS. These solutions are integral for business operations and as a result contain a lot of business data. SaaS is still vulnerable to data loss and cyber attacks. This is why we recommend Datto’s SaaS Protection.

What is Datto’s SaaS Protection?

Datto’s SaaS Protection is a suite of backup and recovery services to look after your data in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Why is SaaS Protection necessary?

There is a common misconception that backup isn’t necessary when your data is in the Cloud. Whilst the Cloud is a more secure method of data storage, SaaS apps are just as vulnerable as on-premise apps.

“Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of businesses will suffer unrecoverable data loss in SaaS applications1 this is most commonly due to people deleting files, opening phishing emails and accidentally downloading malware.

Your SaaS provider most likely has some form of backup as part of the service. However, with it not being independent from the product, you are stuck with one single point of failure. Using a third-party backup solution helps mitigate the risk.

Picture this

You’re a Recruitment Company and one of your Consultants has had enough and deletes their entire inbox and leaves.

  • What roles were they working on?
  • What rates have been agreed with Client A
  • What offer was delivered to the candidate?
  • What salary has been agreed with client and candidate?
  • How many candidates are still in play?

This is just one example, but it gives you an idea of how important emails are to business operations. Email deletion whether intentional, accidental or in response to ransomware, can be really damaging to productivity.

Leave it with us

Whilst we believe it’s useful for clients to understand the technology we’re pushing, as with most of what we do, we will manage all of this on your behalf. All you need to know is that your data is protected and easily recoverable in the event of loss. If you’d like to find out more about SaaS Protection please get in touch.

1 https://www.datto.com/resource-downloads/SellingSaaSBackupMadeMSPeasyO365_GSuite_UK-2.pdf