Are you worried about getting caught out by these sly hackers? Phishing emails are becoming more and more popular and raise a big concern for a lot of people these days. But don’t worry, we can help you out. To keep on top of these hackers, we recommend people to be S.M.A.R.T.

S – Stay Alert

Staying alert is always vital when it comes to hackers, this means ALWAYS being aware of the issues when receiving emails, and being suspicious when you receive them aswell. The more wary you are the less likely you are to be caught out. Question if you were expecting to receive this email or if it’s come out of nowhere.

M – Make Contact

If you’ve got even the slightest gut feeling that you’ve received a malicious email or something doesn’t add up, your best bet is to give that person a call. If it’s supposedly from a friend of relative or even from something like your bank or a big company such as Netflix or Disney+ asking for details or asking you to follow a link, just give them a quick call to double check its legit, as some people’s accounts can be hacked aswell so the email looks like it’s coming from that person’s real email.

A – Avoid Clicking Links

Before you’ve made contact and got confirmation from the alleged sender that the email is legit, avoid clicking any links. Hackers will send phishing emails trying to get you to click on a dodgy link which will then direct you to a page to fill in your bank details, or the link could even download malicious files onto your device.

R – Report To Us

Use us! We’re here to help. We’ve got people who are highly trained to deal with issues like this and who know how to track down and spot a phishing email before it does any damage. If you are unsure if an email is real or fake and you just don’t know how to tell, give us a call.

T – Train Your Team

You can train your team so they can spot a phishing email from a mile away. At WestSpring we like to use Phished. Phished is an online training platform that helps employees spot and understand phishing emails and shows them exactly how they can prevent the threat of an attack. Using AI, Phished sends your staff personalised, fake phishing emails based on their role and behaviours, it can be as convincing as an email from your ‘manager’ asking you to follow a link for work purposes. Completing these training sessions will help you reach different checkpoints and earn yourself bronze, silver and gold certificates that can even be added to your LinkedIn profile.

Check out our Phished page or contact us for more information.