You may know Meta as the company responsible for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp but have you heard of the Meta Quest? With the recent release of the Meta Quest 3 we decided to delve into the features of the latest in VR technology.


What is the Meta Quest?

The Meta Quest (previously called the Oculus VR) is a series of virtual reality headsets. This immersive headset allows you to enter a digital world with a first person view of whatever it is you’ve dived into. Whether you’re strolling round a fantasy world on a game or getting in that digital gym for a virtual reality exercise class.

Meta Quest 3

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How does it work?

Meta’s virtual reality headset gives an easy and stress-free feel to it, with no awkward wires hanging everywhere, no plugs to plug in, just you, your headset and the touch controllers. The touch controllers bring your hand gestures to life in the virtual world allowing you to do things like doodling in 3D or having a lightsaber battle with your mate.

Meta Quest 3

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How can you use it for work?

Apart from being able to entertain yourself for hours with extra-curricular activities, the Meta Quest can actually come in pretty handy for your job as well. Virtual meetings take on a brand-new dynamic with this headset, imagine joining a board meeting online and suddenly being transported to the Bahamas, or in a board room in a New York skyscraper overlooking the Empire State Building, or even take your meeting outside of the atmosphere on a spaceship travelling through space… doesn’t sound too bad for a meeting, right?

On another note, you can set up your workplace wherever you want with the Meta Quest. The headset allows you to link your Meta Quest to a compatible computer to bring everything on that screen into your virtual view. The Quest also allows you to add extra virtual screens to your setup as well, giving you plenty more space to work on and also saving you having to go out and buy more monitors!

Meta Quest 3 at work

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What do you think?

The Meta Quest 3 is so much more than just a games console, with over 500 immersive experiences across gaming, fitness, entertainment and more, there’s a whole new reality to explore. Fancy having one in your office for your team to enjoy? Contact our Procurement team for more information or check out our Digital Innovation page for more office tech!