Cloud computing, or the transfer of critical computer-based services such as networks and file sharing through the internet, is on the rise all over the world once you know the immense benefits that this innovation can deliver for new, forward-facing firms and businesses of all shapes and sizes then you will see why.

This technology enables firms to manage distributed, cost-effective teams across several locations, for example, and while it also means that they can analyse their data more effectively.

This article will be highlighting different key commercial benefits of switching to cloud technology.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is not just computer driven it has existed way before the advent of computers, and both people and companies have been extracting insights from data for hundreds of years. However, all thanks to cloud computing it has been taken to the next level.

Previously analysis was often undertaken in a static environment, such as in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Now, the existence of cloud-based dynamic data dashboards that can be accessed by the whole organisation means that a comprehensive data culture is far easier to create.

Employees in client services teams, for example, can easily look at for example a finance team’s revenue data to get a handle on which clients are the most lucrative to the business. Thanks to the automated, web-based nature of cloud systems, this can now be done without asking colleagues for the relevant information which in turn saves time.

Better Security

A common misconception is the belief cloud computing is not very secure and that it faces several safety issues that traditional physical file transfer methods would not experience. These stories have proliferated based on security loopholes in old cloud systems.

Quite frankly the truth of the matter is that Cloud Computing is very secure and it can in many cases be a far more assured method than the alternatives it’s replacing. For example if using a filing cabinet for paper storage now while those filing cabinets may be in a secure office with a guard on the grounds, they would be gone in an instant if a fire or other disaster occurred.

The exact same thing goes for data that’s stored on a private server in an office. Cloud-based systems, however, can be set up so that they can back up their files on regular basis, this means no incident or issue can cause the data to be lost. With developments in intrusion detection systems and data-at-rest encryption which is now on offer, it’s now the case that cloud-based solutions are highly secure.

However, with cloud technology offering a lot of benefits, it’s easy to see why over three-quarters of enterprises use cloud technology in different forms to help them run their businesses. Data back-up or even complete Business Recovery Solutions are easy, the flexibility and potential Cloud offers can truly cut costs and increase profitability. The security benefits that come with cloud technology is such high demand mainly for these reasons.

Team Collaboration

Great companies are always looking to increase collaboration and communication within their teams, the potential that Cloud Technology offers is second to none. Relying on phone calls, texts and even emails can waste a lot of time; The new Office 365 “Teams” application allows managers to create tailored groups for projects where discussions and updates can be shared stimulating knowledge exchange. This development frees up time from scrolling through huge email conversations and means that collaboration can fit seamlessly around the work environment.

Also, the existence of document upload solutions means that crucial projects or pieces of work can be accessed anywhere at any time, this is very significant for remote teams and also for anchored teams that need to work on the same task at the same time.

The exact nature of the required team collaboration tools will change from one industry to another. Choosing Cloud can offer industry-specific platforms. A firm of architects is likely to need a cloud-based document storage service that can handle large, detailed images such as floor plans. A finance firm, on the other hand, might need a spreadsheet-oriented cloud-based solution that offers precise mathematical functions.

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