Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer as the default web browser on all device classes.

What is Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is the biggest update to the company’s Internet Explorer web browser since it first appeared on computers in 1995 when the company launched Windows ’95. The browser was initially launched in July 2015, alongside Windows 10. Edge introduces a whole host of new functionality to appeal to both business users and consumers alike.

Internet Explorer is still available on Windows 10. However, it’s not set as the default browser and is quite tricky to find. As a result, it’s been usurped by the more modern Edge browser. Putting Microsoft’s web browsing tools on par with the likes of Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox.

It has seen substantial changes. Since being released in 2015, Edge has seen substantial updates. Microsoft attempts to refine it to continuously improve user experience. iOS and Android versions have since launched.


For those using Windows 10, Edge provides a number of benefits. Not least because it comes preinstalled as part of the operating system and therefore doesn’t need downloading or installing.

Also, it is extremely well integrated into Windows 10. Including working seamlessly with many of the platform’s native features such as Cortana and its OneDrive cloud storage platform.

Content specifically tailored to you. When you launch Edge, it’ll present you with content specifically aimed at you. Including news headlines, weather reports and stories it thinks you’ll be interested in.

Make annotations on browser windows. One of Edge’s smartest features is the ability it gives you to write directly on the browser window. Make annotations, highlight text and much more. This is a feature supported across devices from mobiles and tablets to computers.

Gone is the static tabs experience. Microsoft Edge also has well thought out tabs. Each tab displaying a thumbnail of its content so you can find what you’re looking for easily.  These tabs can be saved into collections and saved for viewing at a later date.

Plus lots more.

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Need tips on how to use Microsoft Edge? Microsoft have put together this useful guide.