Protect your business with next generation video surveillance. Sleep easy knowing you have eyes on your business, from anywhere at any time with WestSpring Surveillance.

What is WestSpring Surveillance?

WestSpring Surveillance is our complete video security solution. We work exclusively with UniFi equipment, market leaders in video security, this allows us to bring you reliable high quality video at a great price.

Key Facts

There are a few key facts about our cameras you should know:

  • View your live footage from anywhere in the world using the smartphone app – keeping you in complete control.
  • Don’t be snow blinded by alerts you don’t need – schedule your business hours and only get notified by unexpected motion.
  • The UniFi cameras we use have 4k resolution, 3x zoom and infrared night vision – a great quality image you can trust.
  • IP67 weatherproof – not even the big bad British weather can stop these cameras from performing exactly as they’re supposed to.

Want to know more?

If you would like any further information on WestSpring Surveillance or you’d like a quote, get in touch using the link below.

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