WestSpring Lobby has seen a number of updates over the last few months. This blog covers some of the bigger feature updates that are especially helpful as we all get used to our world living with Covid-19.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with WestSpring Lobby, this is our modern and secure solution for checking staff and guests in and out of your office.

1. Contactless sign in

Your smart, interactive sign-in device just got a whole lot safer to use.

Guests rather than interacting with a sign-in device using their hands can now scan a QR code on-screen (or from a temporary checkpoint) and complete their information via a web portal on their smartphone. Your guests will feel reassured that safety and cleanliness are important within your organization.

2. Arrival notifications delivered through Microsoft Teams

Sign in notifications just got even more convenient. You can now be alerted to your guest’s arrival with a message through Microsoft Teams.

As emails can easily be missed, why not have your arrival notification sent to a Microsoft Teams channel? You can take it one step further and include a picture of your guest so you know who to greet in the lobby.

3. COVID Secure

It’s now possible, as part of the contactless sign-in process to ask some Covid-19 pre-screening questions. Before you or your team meet a guest, you can have already completed sensible due-diligence ensuring they are well enough to be in your office.


By introducing both points 1 and 3 to your WestSpring Lobby setup, your guests can arrive at your office without touching any equipment or coming into contact with any staff. In the world we live in, dealing with the effects of Covid-19, this contactless solution does have personality. It’s entirely customisable with text to fit your brand and your visitors will respect you for taking their health and safety of those within your business seriously.

How can I find out more about WestSpring Lobby?

If you already have WestSpring Lobby as part of your IT Service package, let your account manager if you need any support with enabling contactless sign-in. If you are new to WestSpring Lobby, you can find out more here .