Here at WestSpring what sets us apart from the competition is our unlimited support model. Unlike most, we don’t shy away from making such a bold statement…

Surely it’s not truly unlimited?

Well, nothing can be truly unlimited, mobile phone contracts offering unlimited data do have cap, but the point is it’s never hit. The same can be said for our managed IT support. However, we’ve never hit said ‘cap’ with any clients and that’s the way we want it to stay.

Due to the proactive nature of how we work, when we onboard new clients we take a considerable amount of time setting you up in order to minimise ‘teething problems’ allowing you to hit the ground running.

Why do we offer unlimited support?

You may be wondering why offer unlimited support when so many others don’t? Well there are two main reasons.

Firstly, without a limit on how much time we can spend going to visit clients, especially in the early stages, we can really get a good understanding of your business and how you work. This translates into providing the most suitable and effective IT solutions. Every business is different, and we don’t believe in a “one size fits all”.

Secondly, whilst so many issues can be resolved remotely, sometimes it’s most effective to come onsite and fix it in person. Take a printer problem for example, the time it takes to get our clients to keep testing the printer with every tweak we make, can be dramatically reduced if we’re onsite doing it for you. With more traditional support models where support is paid for by the hour or onsite call outs are charged as extra, we found people can be put off getting these fixes implemented due to budget restraints such as not having any support credits left.

Simply Different. Simply Unlimited

IT issues can cause huge disruptions to day-to-day business if not fixed in a timely manner. Our unlimited support model enables us to keep your business running effectively and also enables us to build great client relationships.

If you want an IT provider with a difference, get in touch.