Microsoft’s 10-year commitment to supporting Windows 7 comes to an end January 14th, 2020. Microsoft says this will be so they can focus on newer technologies and “great new experiences”. So, all this in mind here’s what you need to know about the end of Windows 7.

1. Protecting your PC – security risks

After January 14th, if your PC is still running Windows 7, then it will no longer receive security updates. Now this doesn’t mean your computer will instantly explode the following day. It does however mean that your data will be vulnerable to the latest cyber threats. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consider upgrading to a newer operating system.

2. Access to customer service

When the 14th rolls around you will not be able to get support from Microsoft if you are running a Windows 7 operating system, that means no technical support if things go awry, this can be part way alleviated through support from Managed IT providers, like us here at WestSpring IT. However, for any support needed directly from Microsoft you will be stuck.

3. Microsoft internet game services

Possibly the most devastating news of all, Microsoft plans to discontinue many of its internet games. Advocates of games like internet backgammon and internet checkers will be disappointed to hear that these will disappear from their lives come January. Honestly, we included this one as a bit of comic relief, but there will be some sad to see these games go.

4. How do I upgrade?

So, if you are looking to upgrade then you will need to hop up to Windows 10. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s promotion to do this for FREE ended July 29th 2016. So, you will either need to purchase a new desktop/laptop that is running the Windows 10 operation system, or you can potentially purchase and install Windows 10 on your current machine. If you are considering this, we recommend speaking to an IT services company, as companies like ourselves can advise what would be your best course of action, it is more than likely that it will be more cost effective to pick up a new machine.

5. Transferring all my files and programs

Getting all your files and programs to a new machine can be difficult if you’re not sure on the process. For this we do recommend heading over to an IT services company like ourselves, after your files and data are previous and the last thing you would want is too lose these while transferring across. For example, we use a total recovery service to make sure there is no chance of file loss.

Rounding up, the Windows 7 end of life will hit some people hard. If you are a company with multiple staff using multiple machines the best way to avoid issues like this is to have an upgrade plan in place. Our upgrade plan here at WestSpring IT means being proactive so we know what technology and software updates could cause issues for our clients. That way we can make them aware ahead of time so we can get on top of a solution before it causes any inconvenience to the business.

If you would like any advice on upgrades or any of our other IT services, please get in touch.