Microsoft Teams

First up. This is a no brainer. Microsoft Teams has soared in popularity since the pandemic and this year reached 270 million users, making it the most popular business communication platform. Whilst it features a number of tools, Teams’ video calling is one of its more well-known ones. With a laptop that has a camera and Microsoft Teams you can host and join video calls but let’s take things to the next level…

Audio / Visual Hardware

If you’re joining a video call with more than one person, crowding round one laptop and making sure you can all be seen and heard, can be tricky and make you look unprofessional. We work with a number of technology vendors and offer a range of products that enable you to provide the best communication experience. From noise reducing speakers to cameras that can zoom in on the person speaking, the technology available is extremely innovative, but it can be a minefield. Our team have expertise across a range of solutions to help you understand what’s right for your business.

WestSpring Rooms

So, you’ve got your conferencing technology, but how can you ensure your meeting room is available to hold your conference? WestSpring Rooms is a room management solution that makes it easy to book out a meeting room directly from your Outlook calendar. What’s more, it also displays clearly to the rest of the business when the room is available.

The complete package

All businesses are different and so are their meeting room requirements, particularly with the rise in hybrid working. Whether you’re hosting a large conference, running a meeting with multiple locations or want to create booths for smaller video huddles, having the right technology is key.

We can optimise your meeting spaces so there’s no last-minute rush to find a room, no crowding round a laptop screen and no unwanted background noise, just a straightforward conversation as if you were all in the same room.


Find out more

How do you currently hold video conferences? Is your technology (or lack of) affecting your overall company image? Take away any unnecessary stresses and focus on the meeting itself with the right technology. Speak to us and we can help you find the right solutions for your business.