ScreenCloud is an easy and effective way of presenting images, messages, posters and anything else you may need to display around your office, or wherever you would need it. There are plenty of useful apps to make your experience a lot more efficient and straightforward.


If you haven’t actually got anything to put on your ScreenCloud yet, then you might want to jump on and start creating your posters. Without worrying about all of the complicated features on photoshop, illustrator or any of those fancy platforms, you can just jump onto canvas and easily make whatever message you want.


The Canvas app still too much for you? Go down another level of simplicity with the Noticeboard app. This app is if you need to post a really quick little notice for your office or wherever you may be using it.

screencloud app noticeboard



The quote app is perfect if you want to show off some great feedback in a testimonial. All you have do is type in the quote, image links, names, job titles etc, and the app will give you a few templates for you to pick between. Pick your favourite and there you’ve got your testimonial to display, as easy as that.


Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. You can set your screencloud to display the current time, date and day of the week. It may not be too interesting, but you can still have fun with all of the different themes and styles available!

screencloud app clock

Live News

Need to keep updated on something that’s happening in the world? Whether its politics, something that’s happened recently or transfer deadline day, you can keep an eye on it all by having the news up on your TV in the office.

There’s plenty of things that make ScreenCloud a very useful asset to have in your office or around the workplace, including these features and many morel! If this sounds like something your business could do with, get in touch!