What is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is a powerful addition to your Microsoft Teams setup capable of recording and transcribing your meetings and helping you get the most from your meetings.

What does Microsoft Stream do that Zoom and Teams alone can’t?

Stream allows you to record your teams calls, giving you a reference to go back to. Enabling stream also transcribes your teams meetings in incredible detail, giving you the opportunity to look up and take part in your call without having to meticulously note take.

Why is it useful to record my teams calls in that way?

There are lots of positive for having Stream enabled, you’ll be able to go back and listen to the specifics of a conversation later, you’ll be able to share your meeting notes and a link to the conversation to a wider team, including those who would have valued being there.

We have also seen Stream used well to build a bank of training documents, how-to guides, HR policies brought to life with real life context.

 This sounds useful, but at what cost?

Microsoft Stream is included with most Enterprise Office 365 subscriptions. Speak to a member of the WestSpring team for more information.