Since WestSpring began we’ve been all about our people and this includes helping support young talent through apprenticeships. We work with Professional Apprenticeships to find aspiring talent and in our 5 years doing business we’ve taken on 6 apprentices and plan to take on more as we grow.

How we support our Apprentices

All of our apprenticeship programmes are tailored to the individual with the aim at the end of the year to be fully competent within a service desk environment. In addition to focussing on modern technical elements we also focus on developing the soft skills required in any role including; organisation, time management, effective communication as well as real life scenario based training. Apprentices (along with all employees) get monthly 1-1s with their line manager which is focussed on their development and is time to discuss anything the apprentice wants more exposure to. We drive an environment of “everyone can do everything”, if the apprentice wants to learn how to configure a firewall we can make this happen. All of this is wrapped up in the WestSpring culture which is focused on being a fun and enjoyable place to work with amazing career opportunity. Everybody here is approachable and everybody is willing to help making it a great environment for an apprentice just starting out in their career.

Our Apprentice Success Stories


Elliott Garnett

Elliott joined WestSpring back in 2017 as the 1st employee after the Directors Phil and Jason. He started as an Apprentice Technical Analyst and has progressed through to Sales and Account Manager and then through to Head of Procurement after just 3 years in the business. Elliott’s role as Head of Procurement involves building great relationships with our vendors so he can effectively fulfil our clients’ IT equipment needs, providing a great service with competitive prices. On top of this, as part of the leadership team he also works with other heads of departments to continually review the operations of the business and the overall employee experience.

“Doing an apprenticeship was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I wasn’t too sure on what direction I wanted to go in with my career but joining WestSpring as an apprentice helped give me the drive and ambition to help me find that out, while giving me endless opportunities to get involved in different aspects of the business to find something that I truly love to do.”


Joe Hyett

Joe also began his career as an Apprentice Technical Analyst in 2019 and has already progressed to Service Desk Team Leader. Joe’s role is to manage the service desk team on a day-to-day basis. His responsibilities include; making sure that the service we provide our clients is always at a high standard, organising and overseeing machines going out and ensuring tickets are making progress.

WestSpring was a great place to do my apprenticeship as I was able to get hands on with so many different infrastructures gaining lots of valuable knowledge and experience and had a great team around me to support me whilst doing the apprenticeship and had lots of fun whilst doing it.”

At WestSpring we love to watch people develop and realise their potential and hiring apprentices gives us the opportunity to do just that. As the business grows, we will continue to support young people with apprenticeships and not just in IT. If you’d like to start your career with an apprenticeship at WestSpring then please get in touch.