I don’t have to tell you that Coronavirus is hitting businesses across the country hard. People are losing their jobs and businesses are disappearing in the wake of this awful situation. So with all that in mind, we thought we would sit down with our Operations Manager Jack ask him what we are doing to help our clients through this challenging period.

So Jack, how are our clients being affected by Coronavirus?

Well firstly and understandably, a lot of our clients are needing to make the switch to remote working as their staff begin self-isolation. Secondly, some of our clients have lost business due to the companies that they work with cutting costs.

How are we helping them switch to remote working?

We have the IT helpdesk ready to solve any issues that might occur when a staff member is trying to set up at home. We also equip our clients with our hosted voice service. This allows individuals to take complete control of their work phone line using a simple app on their mobile, it just runs off of their home wifi or mobile data.

We also install a secure Firebox network for all our clients, which put simply means that when staff connect to their work files from home they are protected on a secure VPN. We also include remote desktop gateways for those that want to log on from their own PC’s.

We ourselves at WestSpring are fully prepared to switch our entire team to remote access should the need arise, and we are confident our clients will see no drop in our level of service.

How are we saving our clients’ money?

Some of our clients have been hit financially by the Coronavirus pandemic so it is great that we can save them some money. The first way we do this is again with our service desk, we do not charge on an hourly rate or on a number of support tickets like other providers, our clients just pay a fixed monthly rate for unlimited support. Meaning that all the extra help and consultancy they are needing right now to get ready for all of this, isn’t effecting their IT support bill. We are also proud to be maintaining our 10-minute response SLA (service level agreement) for all clients on all support tickets.

We also save our clients money with our proactive road maps. Essentially what this means is that we look at the support you are going to need ahead of time rather than the time that you need it. By doing this we can get clients the various licencing they need at cheaper rates, but also make sure that they are prepared for surprise events like this one, that way they don’t get stung with inflated hardware costs at the time. We also made courtesy calls to our clients as this started developing to make sure that we were doing everything we could to help.

Anything else you would like to add Jack?

Just that I am really glad that we are able to continue supporting our clients during this difficult period. At WestSpring we really get to know the businesses and the people that we work with, so we really hate to see them struggle. I’d like to reassure all of our amazing clients, that we will be here for you during this and that we are in it for the long haul!