Choosing the right IT support provider for your business can seem daunting. Especially if you aren’t certain what you should be looking for. WestSpring has put together this list of questions to consider asking your prospective IT company. As an IT support business striving to provide a great service, we love answering questions.

Choose the right IT partner with this list of key questions…

What kind of relationship do you have with clients?

First things first, relationships are crucial. Finding an IT partner you can have a good relationship with should be a key consideration. Whether you are looking for a company who are able to take full ownership and control of your IT, or whether you want a company there for when you need them.

Make sure to find out how they communicate with clients. Look out for someone with the time and attention to have face-to-face meetings.

Can you provide me with some reference companies to speak to?

There’s no better measure of a company’s ability to deliver than what their existing customers have to say. Asking for a referral will allow you speak directly to people who have first-hand experience working with the IT support provider. Even if you don’t choose to call them, the option to, should instantly give you confidence.

And for those you do speak to, here are some great questions to ask:

  • Did they deliver what they promised?
  • Are they responsive and easy to get hold of?
  • Are they proactive?
  • Do they communicate well – keeping you up-to-date with issues?
  • Would you use them again?

How are issues logged? 

When you have an IT issue it can be really frustrating when you can’t get hold of someone to fix it. Make sure your prospective support company has a support line with someone you can get hold of. Or another facility such as an online portal or email address which puts you directly in contact with the support team. The ideal company will have all three.

What geographical area do you cover?

It might be important that the company is within a reasonable driving distance from your office, dependent on your requirements. In addition, if your business plan involves moving premises or expanding overseas, you should check they are able to cover these areas too.

Do you offer bespoke support? 

Many IT companies will offer different support packages. However, you might find that your IT needs don’t fit into one single package. It might, therefore, be important that you find a company who are able to tailor services to your requirements.

Do you supply hardware as well as support?

Even if you purchase all your computer equipment from different suppliers, it’s still good to know that your support company can replace any faulty parts themselves.

And when it is time to replace your hardware, you may feel better knowing the people who are supporting it have recommended, supplied and installed it – giving you a single point of contact if something goes wrong.

How and when will I be charged? 

Payments and terms vary among support providers. Contracts are generally paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

Unlimited support features ensure you aren’t billed extra if something goes wrong with your IT.

Do you offer remote management and monitoring? 

Remote management and proactive monitoring can help prevent issues before they arise. This is, therefore, a desirable feature. Many IT companies aren’t able to offer much in terms of remote monitoring – so make sure it’s on your list of questions.

What makes your service unique? 

Find out what makes them different from the others. Think about what’s important for your requirements and whether they meet them.

Find out WestSpring’s answers to all of these questions and more. Get in touch with us today to find out if we are the right IT partner for your business.