When you’re first starting out in business your requirements for your IT are minimal and so often are just looked after by someone else in the business or someone’s family member/friend/neighbour. But when you get to a certain size having an IT provider that can proactively improve the way you work rather than just fix things when they break is vital. Here’s 5 signs you may have outgrown IT provider.

1. Your provider is slow to respond

When there’s only a couple of employees a one-man-band IT provider can easily handle the volume. But as you grow, response times may suffer leaving your team waiting for issues to be resolved.

2. Your technology is outdated

Are your machines starting to feel slow and outdated? Unsure about what technology is out there to help you work smarter? It’s unlikely that a small IT provider will have a procurement team that are dedicated to helping you source new products.

3. You don’t have a DR/BC plan

As you grow, the risk of threats grow. If a disaster struck in your office or you suffered a data breach could you quickly get your business back up and running? It’s important to have Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) plans in place to protect your business.

4. You’ve never met your IT provider

Depending on who your IT provider is, you may well have never met them. When they’re the ones who will help you out in times of crisis, don’t you think it’s important to have a great relationship with them?

5. It’s just a break-fix solution

Lastly, and most importantly does your IT provider only offer break-fix solutions? Whilst this is probably enough in the early days, as your team grows you want to minimise these day to day problems by putting proactive measures in place.

Are you experiencing any of these problems?

Then you might have grown your IT provider! Switching may seem like a lot of hassle but we can make the move as seamless as possible. From day 1 we start making a difference. We proactively work with you to limit day to day issues and put in place the latest IT to improve the way you work. If you think it’s time to switch – get in touch!