Office 365 users are being targeted in a campaign to steal their login details using fake zoom notification emails. Reported by the guys over at Abnormal Security, more than 50,000 mailboxes have been subject to the attack.

So what does this attack look like?

This email alert comes from an innocent looking <> telling the user that their account has been suspended until they verify their email address. The fake zoom email hosts a button which redirects to a spoofed outlook login screen.

The spoofed outlook login page looks familiar and to the untrained eye, or the exceptionally busy, could be enough for you to innocently give away your login details.

What should I do, I think I may have fallen victim to this?

If you think your account has been compromised, it’s essential that you change your password in Office 365 and report the incident to your IT department immediately.

How can WestSpring IT help?

As part of our managed IT service, we will take care of your Firewalls, your backups and provide Cyber Security Training to your staff. We can help provide (and promote) everything your business needs to keep its intellectual property safe.

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