Coronavirus is a huge topic right now. We aren’t here to tell you whether you should or shouldn’t be worried about it, But the fact is many people are already being forced to self-isolate for two weeks. Understandably people are worried about that!

Odds are, you are worried about your pay or even how your business will cope. We thought we would show you how easy it is these days to “take your office anywhere”…

Please note that this guide assumes that you are well enough to work, that you have spoken to your team/boss, that you first and foremost have taken care of your well-being and are ready to begin working from home.

Step 1 – Access your emails

Simply, you need access to your emails. If you are using office 365 you will be able to head over to outlook and log in using your usual details. If you have your work computer then you should be able to open all your apps as per usual, just be sure to connect to your home wifi.

Step 2 – Setting up your work phone line

Next, get access to your work phone line. These days it is easy to access your work phone at home or even on your mobile, so you don’t have to make and take calls on your number. We offer a Hosted Voice service in which you get a simple dashboard from which you can manage calls and gives you convenient access to information such as your call history, voicemail and recorded calls.

Step 3 – Get access to your files

In 2020 your business should be using a shared drive or server. Using cloud software it is possible to back up all of your work files on software like Mircosoft SharePoint or OneDrive. You just need to log into your office 365 account, head over to the app and you should find all the files you backed up.

Step 4 – Establish communication with your team

One of the most important parts of working in the office is being able to collaborate with your team. Seeing as you can’t just look across the desk and speak to the usual desk buddy, and you are likely limited to email, it is important to set up a better way to communicate. Microsoft teams includes an easy to use chat feature that you can use to keep in touch and also manage your tasks.

It also provides a lovely range of emojis and gifs so you can keep some of the office banter that you are missing out on.

Step 5 – Extras – planning and collaborating

The above should hopefully give you back your fundamentals so that you keep proactive during isolation. We know also know that nothing quite compares to face to face collaboration, however, the below are some extra office 365 apps that could be useful while you are out of the office…

  • Planner – Create plans, assign team members and get progress updates.
  • To Do – Manage your task list and make sure the important things are never missed.
  • Sway – Create and share interactive reports, presentations and stories.
  • Forms – Create surveys, quiz’s and polls and easily see results in real-time.

If you need help enabling your business to work remotely then please get in touch.