Cyber criminals don’t only prey on the huge multinational corporations, despite these being the ones most reported on. All businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and so having the most effective security solutions in place is imperative.

1. Password Manager

At the very basic level having a password manager (many of which are free!) can help protect your personal data. Password Managers such as LastPass or DashLane provide a secure place to store all your passwords and prevents your team writing them on post its which can easily be stolen. Many of these password managers can also help you generate secure passwords based on the requirements needed (I.e., uppercase, number, special character).

2. Antivirus/EDR

Antivirus is a type of software designed to help detect, prevent and remove malware from a computer. It sits in the background and is probably something you have but have never seen. Antivirus solutions have been around as long as computers and as a result cyber criminals have developed methods to evade detection. That’s why we also recommend an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution. Combining antivirus with EDR adds a full stack of capabilities to automate the detection, containment and response to any advanced threat.

3. Firewall

Where antivirus and EDR protect your endpoints (laptop, computer, tablet, phone) from malicious activity, firewalls monitor and control network traffic. Firewalls basically act as a barrier between your computer and another network such as the internet. Firewalls are another solution that your business probably already has that you’re unaware of.

4. Multi Factor Authentication

Whilst having a strong password makes it harder to hack, cyber criminals use clever phishing tactics to get you to give away your password to them. Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) provides an added layer of security to your password. MFA is where in order to log in to something you need an additional security code or token that’s usually sent via email, or pushed to an authenticator app. This means that if someone steals your password they still can’t access your data.

5. Security Awareness Training

Even with all the solutions on the market, nothing can stop all suspicious activity coming through. That’s why ensuring your team are vigilant and trained on how to spot suspicious activity is paramount.

Security Awareness Training does just that. There are a number of solutions that can educate your team on how to spot a scam email as well as simulating phishing emails to identify any weak spots in your business.

After all, over 80% of data breaches are caused by human error.

Don’t leave it up to chance

Data breaches can be detrimental to businesses, the financial losses as well as damage to reputation can be unrecoverable. Ensure your business has the strongest defence against cyber-attacks with these security solutions. If you want a Managed IT Provider, you can trust to protect your business then get in touch with us today.