Google Lens isn’t new technology, in fact it’s over 5 years old, but many consumers (even Android users) aren’t aware of its capabilities and how it can boost productivity. We’ve handpicked 5 productivity boosting things you can do with Google Lens…

1. Scan a business card to add contacts and get directions

If you’ve ever attended a work event or Business Expo you’ll know the pain of coming away with a pocketful of business cards that you need to sit and manually add to your address book.

 With Google Lens you can scan a business card and select the individual contact info and either get in touch straight away or add them into your mobile’s phonebook without having to type out anything!

2. Scan URLs on your computer to open in mobile

Use Google Lens to scan the URL on your computer and simply click link to open on your mobile. This can be useful if you’re doing design tweaks on a website and want to see quickly how it looks on mobile.

3. Add events to your calendar

Whenever you receive a date for an event – physical invite, flyer, billboard, email invite you can use Google Lens to scan the information and add it straight to your calendar.

4. Copy text from in real life and paste on to your computer

  • Reading a book and want to make notes on your laptop?
  • Written notes in a notepad that you want typed up?

You can use Google Lens to take a picture of the text, select copy to computer and provided you’re logged into Gmail on your PC you can paste (ctrl + v) the content into a document.

5. Calculate hand-written sums

Whilst the mode is called homework it can be applied to situations beyond school! Write a sum down scan it and Google Lens will give you the answer, with more complicated equations google can even show how it’s solved.

There is so much more…

These are just 5 of many things you can do with Google Lens, you can also read any text out loud, search for similar visuals and much more. Why not equip your team with the new Google Pixel 7 and help boost their productivity. Contact our procurement team to find out more:, 0117 403 44 55.