By now you have likely figured out how to keep your business running while you and your team are stuck in isolation. What you may be finding difficult is keeping up that team morale and office banter when you haven’t seen each other in so long. So with that in mind here are some of the best games you can play in video conferencing to combat the isolation blues.

1. Charades

An absolute classic here and almost made for video conferencing. Have the team take it turns to act out their favourite movie, person etc. while everyone tries to guess. You can also find loads of Charades random word generators online if you want to up the ante.

2. ‘Pub’ quiz

The pubs are closed, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the spirit of a pub quiz to your video conferences. Choose a quiz master, create some rounds and get creative. The more effort you put into the quiz the more fun it will be for your team. Just be sure to impose strict NO CHEATING policies.

3. Guess who

Why not try a video conferencing spin on the original guess who formula? All you need to do here is get a photo of a famous person and then blur it, crop it or zoom in to make them unrecognisable. (There are loads of websites that can help you do this for free). Then give some clues to help your team gradually figure out who the mystery person is.

4. Pictionary

In our experience the less artistic your team is, the better this game is. Set a topic like your favourite movie or place in the world and take it in turns to draw them out without using any words. The rest of the team will then try to guess what your drawing is of. You can just do this on paper and hold it up to the camera, or again you can find websites which will let you do this online.

5. Escape the room scenario

Ok so here is a real team-building opportunity, much like the real-world alternatives. Create a scenario for your team where they are all trapped together and need to escape. Readout your created scene and give them clues on how to progress, then simply watch them collaborate to see if they can find a solution to escape.

The more work you put into your scenario the more rewarding this will be for you and your team. To kick this up a notch, as the scenario master turn off your camera and only communicate your clues and updates via written text.