We often think advanced security software can protect us from all cyber threats however this isn’t really the case.

Training and Development

Your first step in securing your business is often down to training and developing effective internet usage procedures for your employees.

We all know humans are flawed, we all make mistakes, but as cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, we need to embed security practices throughout all aspects of our organisations. Mobiles are increasingly being targeted as a route to attack your business, and your employees may be the key to protecting your business.

We all know how costs can rack up when it comes to purchasing Antivirus, Firewall and DNS protection, this money is wasted unless your employees understand the proper security protocols. Cyber attacks can have a devastating effect on your business.

There is now a 50% chance your business will experience some form of cyber attack, no matter what security measures you have in place. These attacks, often simple to prevent, cost businesses on average between £75,000 – £311,000 PER data breach.

Can you afford this unexpected cost?

As mobile devices become an essential tool for many businesses, employees are increasingly using these devices for personal functions increasing your businesses exposure to these attack methods.

WestSpring’s security services include providing your business with regular security training and best practices keeping you abreast of the latest threats and ensuring your business isn’t left wide open to attack.

Our custom Endpoint Security Alert Software allows us to identify, diagnose, and solve many problems before you are even aware of them, we offer a Full IT Review as standard and can assess your IT security vulnerabilities offering you advice and training on the best practices to secure your precious business data.

If you would like to know more about how to protect your business or would like to arrange an IT Review on the health of your systems, please get in touch.