Many of us are inundated with emails every day and keeping on top of them can be a job in itself. One way in which you can keep your inbox cleansed is using Outlook rules.

Outlook rules can help automate some of the organising for you and save you some valuable time! Below are some examples of how you can use rules to organise your inbox.

Set up Outlook Rules

To set up a new rule go File > Manage Rules & Alerts.

A Rules Wizard dialogue box will open where you can create a whole host of rules. Below are some examples which could help you keep your inbox clean.

By From Email

i.e. Newsletters

So you’ve signed up to a newsletter of information in your industry that provides a daily email with tips and tricks. The problem is these emails are getting lost in your inbox and are often deleted by mistake for looking like spam. You can create a rule that moves all emails from ‘Apple Newsletter’ into their own folder to read later.

By Subject Line

i.e. Daily reports

Do you work in an industry driven by stats? Perhaps your team regularly share reports on the day’s work. By creating a rule that moves all emails with the subject like ‘End of Day Report’ into their own folder, they’re safely out the way and can be referred back to as and when.

By Email Type

i.e. Meeting responses

If you’re forever booking meetings in your calendar your inbox can get bombarded with the responses and can push down more important emails putting them at risk of being missed. Why not create a rule that files away meeting responses? That way they don’t clog up your inbox and you can revisit them when you need to.

Other Cool Tips

Outlook offers a variety of rules you can create and you can be really specific about what you want them to do. You can select to have a specific sound to play when you get a message from someone (think a warning siren from your boss!🤣) or set up alerts to your mobile when you receive certain messages.