What happened?

On 24 October 2017 there was mass attacks with ransomware called Bad Rabbit. The ransomware targeted organisations and consumers, mostly in Russia and Ukraine, and several other European countries.

What is Bad Rabbit?

Bad Rabbit is a previously unknown ransomware family. A type of software that threatens to block access to the victims’ data unless a ransom is paid.

How did WestSpring IT respond to Bad Rabbit?

Within a matter of hours, WestSpring released their own vaccination for the ransomware, in the chance that it could spread to the UK. They ensured that all clients’ machines were patched and protected from the new strain of ransomware. This ensured the security of their clients’ data giving piece of mind and allowing business to continue as normal.

Not sure if your business is protected from threats such as ransomware?

If you’re concerned, please contact us to discuss how we can ensure maximum protection for your precious data.